Missed Connections: Rage Against the Machine

Ahh, the 90s. The decade that passed the three strikes laws, repealed Glass-Steagall, and invented the “super predator.” On a day like today—Inauguration Day, 2017—you might find yourself wishing to return to what may seem like the halcyon days of a bygone era. If today’s events left your millennial heart feeling a little heavy about … More Missed Connections: Rage Against the Machine

Audiobiography: LCD Soundsystem (Self-titled)

  As told by LCD Soundsystem’s – “LCD Soundsystem” (2005) You know how they say that a band’s early stuff is always the best? Well, they—whoever they are—are right. Because that’s me, first and best. A band’s first album is like a first child in a growing family; the favorite. You never know exactly what … More Audiobiography: LCD Soundsystem (Self-titled)