About IWCT


Hello. My name is Kenny. For me, there are very few minutes that go by in a day when I’m not listening to music. I’m obsessive about finding new and old artists to add to my digital library, as well as hunting for physical media to add to my growing collection.

On a recent crate digging excursion, I came across an original 1969 pressing of an album that is near and dear to my heart. The record is 47 years old and in almost mint condition. I couldn’t help but wonder whose hands the album had passed through before ending up in my own. I found myself creating a little narrative—an ‘Audiobiography,’ if you will—for the album on my way home from the record store. That drive home and that fictional story lead me to create ifwaxcouldtalk.com.


When I started this site last year, I wanted to create a collection of short-stories and narratives based on some of my favorite albums. You can find some of these stories in the ‘Audiobiographies’ section that will continue to grow over time. While I enjoy writing those stories, I quickly realized I wanted to create something more accessible to casual readers. If Wax Could Talk will still contain short-stories about music submitted by myself and others, but I will also add more content from a personal perspective.

In 2017, you can expect to read my album reviews for relevant new releases, as well as what I call ‘Missed Connections,’ a series of reviews for albums that I (and you) should have listened to years ago. Thanks for reading and happy listening!